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Paixao Group

Chemical Sensors Lab

Paixão Group


The Paixão group develop sensor technologies, to propose chemical sensor for clinical, environmental and forensic applications. Current research projects include the development of paper-based colorimetric and electrochemical devices for applications in the areas related previously using, or not, chemometrical approaches. Detailed information about current research projects can be found on the Research page.

Recent Publications


Paixão, T.R.L.C., Portable Analytical Techniques for Forensic Applications, BrJAC, 6 (2019) 1-2 [PDF]


Cardoso, R.M.; Castro, S.V.F.; Silva, M.N.T.; Lima, A.P.; Santana, M.H.P.; Nossol, E.; Silva, R.A.B.; Richter, E.M.; Paixão, T.R.L.C.; Muñoz, R.A.A., 3D-printed flexible device combining sampling and detection of explosives. Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical, 293 (2019) 308-313. [PDF]


Mendes, L.F.; Souza E Silva, Â.R.; Bacil, R.P.; Serrano, S.H.P.; Angnes, L.; Paixão, T.R.L.C.; de Araujo, W.R, Forensic electrochemistry: Electrochemical study and quantification of xylazine in pharmaceutical and urine samples. Electrochimica Acta 295 (2019) 726-734. [PDF]


De Castro, L.F.; De Freitas, S.V.; Duarte, L.C.; De Souza, J.A.C. ; Paixão, T.R.L.C.; Coltro, W.K.T., Salivary diagnostics on paper microfluidic devices and their use as wearable sensors for glucose monitoring. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 411 (2019) 4919-4928. [PDF]

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