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Dimatix Materials Printer (FAPESP Multi-User Equipment Program) - Being imported by FAPESP

(Fujifilm – DPM-2850, website)


      Research projects supported by FAPESP Multi-User Equipment (EMU 2019/00811-5)



FUJIFILM Dimatix has leveraged its piezoelectric inkjet technology and MEMS fabrication processes with its extensive inkjet product and system knowledge to produce a materials printer specifically designed for R&D and feasibility testing.


The Dimatix Materials Printer (DMP) is a cost-effective, easy-to-use precision multiple materials deposition system.


Ideal applications for the materials printer include:


- Material and fluid development and evaluation

- Prototype and sample generation

- Fluid and substrate interactions evaluation

- Product development

- Optimization and evaluation of digital patterns

- Deposition of biological fluids including cell patterning, DNA arrays, proteomics



To request time to use or know the usage rules for this instrument, use the form that can be reached at this page or get in touch with our group (trlcp@iq.usp.br).