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Paixao Group

Chemical Sensors Lab

Paixão Group


The Paixão group develop sensor technologies, to propose chemical sensor for clinical, environmental and forensic applications. Current research projects include the development of paper-based colorimetric and electrochemical devices for applications in the areas related previously using, or not, chemometrical approaches. Detailed information about current research projects can be found on the Research page.

Recent Publications


Clark, K.M.; Skrajewski, L.; Benavidez, T.E.; Mendes, L.F.; Bastos, E.L.; Dörr, F.A.; Sachdeva, R.; Ogale, A.A.; Paixão, T.R.L.C., Garcia, C.D., Fluorescent patterning of paper through laser engraving, 16 (2020) 7659-7666. [PDF]


Tasić, N.; Paixão, T.R.L.C..; Gonçalves, L.M., Biosensing of D-dimer, making the transition from the central hospital laboratory to bedside determination. Talanta, 207 (2020) 120270. [PDF]


Mendes, L.F.; De Siervo, Abner; de Araujo, W.R.; Paixão, T.R.L.C., Reagentless fabrication of a porous graphene-like electrochemical device from phenolic paper using laser-scribing. Carbon, 159 (2020) 110-118. [PDF]


Silva, R.F.; Paixão, T.R.L.C.; Der Torossian Torres, M.; de Araujo, W.R., Simple and Inexpensive Electrochemical Paper-based Analytical Device for Sensitive Detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical, 308 (2020) 127669. [PDF]


Ataide, V.N.; Mendes, L.F.; Gama, L.; de Araujo, W.R., Paixão, T.R.L.C., Electrochemical paper-based analytical devices: Ten years of development. Analytical Methods, 12 (2020) 1030-1054. [PDF]

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